Affective education

We wish to transmit to the students the church’s education regarding emotional and sexual life, expression of love and the gift of life by referring to the encyclicals “Humane vitae” and “Evangelium vitae”, as well as to the theology of the body according to St. John Paul II.
For this, we call upon a couple trained in TeenStar* pedagogy to intervene at the college so as to ensure a condensed training that is in harmony and in accordance with the education imparted by the parents.

We propose in this way to help the students to:

  • recognize the physiological signs of masculine and feminine fertility
  • allow them to understand the emotional changes linked to physiology
  • discover human values inherent to sexuality
  • valorise their freedom and the necessary discernment in the spheres of emotion and sexuality.
  • discover that the church’s teaching on sexuality is good news and marvel at the beauty of human love
  • discover that God has a project of love for them

so that pupils can be conscious of their interior beauty as well as the richness of the affective complementarity, whatever the choice for their future life.

* TeenStar (" teen : adolescent/star ") :*Pedagogy initiated in the United States that allows adolescents to have access to an authentic dialogue on love and responsible sexuality.