Junior School

From the 6th form to the 3rd form, pupils acquire the fundamentals which are often lacking after primary school especially in French, history, geography and mathematics.  The Immaculate Conception College proposes:
  • Systematic teaching of spelling and grammar through dictation, writing and other constant exercises.
  • Acquisition of good reading habits.  Each term pupils must read a certain number of literary works proposed by the school.
  • Learning by heart poems written by our great authors.
  • Mastering basic mathematics, in particular mental calculation and steps to scientific demonstration.
  • Studying history in a chronological order:  from the 6th to the 3rd forms, pupils learn French history, period by period, by systematically memorising important dates and discovering the great historical figures.
  • Acquiring a solid level in written and oral English by the end of the 3rd form.  Each week, besides theoretical lessons to learn grammar and vocabulary progressively, pupils will benefit from two hours of practical exercises, conversation, films, lectures and other activities in English.  For those who wish, we are studying the possibility of students taking the Cambridge English examination. 
  • Compulsory study of Latin, using the humanistic method Lingua latina per se illustrate.
  • A weekly lesson in religion to teach catechism and allow pupils to become familiar with the Holy Scripture in a manner adapted to each age.
  • Basic education methods to take full advantage of study periods by teaching pupils to: organize their time, learn by heart, draft revision notes, submit structured written work, etc.
  • Computer courses to learn to use the new technologies.