The Education Committee

The pedagogic committee is independent of the school. It is constituted of professionals and parents who wish to invest in education.

It is comprised of:
  • M. Michel Bégny, psychotherapist
  • M. et Mme Pascal Petit,a pupil’s parents who work from home “Saint-Jean-Espérance”.
  • M. et Mme Denis Aerts,parents of a former pupil. Mr. Aerts is area manager of Aid to the Church in Need.
  • M. Laurent Callot, Academic Director of the school.
  • P. François Garreau, Director of the school.
It’s Mission :

The principal mission of the committee is to accompany and assist the work of the educators.
It is able to provide an exterior view on the school’s educational project and to check its application in the pedagogic project as well as in its daily implementation. It is also there to train and guide those who are working with the boys.
The committee’s mission is also to reflect on the new challenges of education. Every generation of children brings with it new ideas that raise issues and problematic situations. These have to be taken into consideration so as to be integrated in our pedagogical approach.

  • M. Michel Bégny
  • M. et Mme Pascal Petit
  • M. Laurent Callot
  • M. et Mme Denis Aerts
  • P. François Garreau