Senior School

From the 2nd to the Final Year forms, pupils receive a solid scientific education coupled with a vast humanistic formation.  The Immaculate Conception College proposes to give them:
  • The choice between studies for a Final Year examination “S” (specialized tuition in mathematics) or “ES” (specialized tuition in economy or mathematics).
  • Humanistic training, mainly given in French, history, geography, philosophy and ancient languages.  By making our students aware of the bases of Western civilization and putting them in contact with the great men who built it, we wish to give them the arguments and knowledge necessary for reflection on the important themes of present day society.
  • Comprehensive learning of the English language.  By the end of their Final Year, students must be able to understand most conversations, television programmes, films, press articles and literary texts; participate in a conversation on a familiar situation and express their point of view; write a coherent and structured text on a wide variety of subjects.  The level to attain corresponds to level B2 of the European common reference framework for languages.  At the moment, several initiatives are planned: a linguistic period in an English-speaking country (2nd form), taking the First Certificate examination (1st and Final Year forms), and taking the “baccalauréat” State examination (Final Year form) by choosing the option European Section in history-geography in the English language.
  • Compulsory reading of a certain number of literary or philosophical authors each year.
  • Tests each week in preparation of the Final Year State examination.
  • Possibility to learn or improve Latin or Ancient Greek.
  • A weekly theology lesson to understand Catholicism and the Holy Scripture.
  • Basic education methods to take full advantage of study periods by teaching pupils to: organize their work time, learn by heart, draft revision notes, submit structured written work, work in pairs or in a group etc.