The demanding and balanced education that pupils receive throughout their schooling is the best letter of recommendation that the Immaculate Conception College can give them. This education encourages them to undertake ambitious further education in accordance with their Christian convictions.
During the college years, teachers provide individual support to their pupils.

This assistance covers three domains :

  • adaptation to new rhythms of work, to the methods and demands of the college.
  • setting up of an orientation plan for further education.
  • developing the knowledge necessary for each orientation plan

After the Baccalaureat S or ES , students from the Immaculate Conception College can go on to further education of their choice in France or abroad. Their knowledge of the English language and access to the international network of Regnum Christi universities are two undeniable advantages that can be counted on should students wish to continue their studies in other European countries, the United States or Latin America.
The educators are particularly attentive to students who desire to become priests. They help them to discern the specific vocation to which God calls them and puts them in contact with seminaries or communities that appeal to them.