Our Mission

“Our mission is to accompany families in the education of their sons so that they may reach out towards the plenitude of their human and Christian vocation”

The mission of the Immaculate Conception College of Mery-sur-Marne is deeply anchored in the Christian humanist tradition which is none other than the Christian conception of man. Parents are the foremost and main educators and are responsible for their children’s successful development. However, they have the right to seek professional help for specific needs. We wish to be this relay in the service of parents.

Our school clearly states that by the transmission of culture man finds his true freedom. By assimilating his own cultural heritage, the youngster will deepen the research of truth. A child learns to transmit to others what he has received. This knowledge will permit him to be recognised and valued by others.

A second aspect of our mission consists in associating a demanding level of intellectual work with the harmonious growth and well-being of the boy during his adolescence. Each child is different and each one grows in an autonomous manner. However, irrespective of his pace of growth, each child must fulfil his personality through four fundamental domains: his own body that he must learn to understand, to accept and appreciate; his mind; his relationship with others and the world; his relationship with God.

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