The vocation centre

For those students that wish to devote more time to the discernment of a vocation, we propose that they integrate the vocation centre. This is an integral part of the school, the difference being that students, who wish to adhere, benefit from extra activities in accordance with their choice.

Principles of education
  • Conducive atmosphere: We wish to propose to the students, who are questioning themselves, an environment conducive to discernment and where the question of a vocation is not only accepted but appreciated.
  • L’accompagnement : les jeunes qui le souhaitent pourront se faire accompagner spirituellement par un prêtre.
  • La vie de grâce : le discernement ne se réalise que dans le dialogue intérieur avec le Christ. C’est par la vie de grâce, favorisée par la prière et la vie sacramentelle, que ce dialogue est possible.
  • Accompaniment: Students who wish can be accompanied spiritually by a priest.
  • Life of grace: The student’s discernment can only be achieved through interior dialogue with Christ.  It is through the life of grace, helped by prayer and sacramental life, that dialogue is possible
It’s status within the college

The vocation centre is not a group set apart from the boarding school or day school. It is important for the students, who are in search of special support and activities in relation to the discernment of their vocation, to live in a larger group of friends and colleagues. Moreover, we wish to foster a healthy appreciation of vocations among those that do not have a particular call.
Belonging to the centre is essentially a personal commitment. The student commits himself to discern a call to priesthood through concrete spiritual means.

Concrete means

Daily activities in addition to common prayers (meditation, angelus, evening prayer)
  • Celebration of the Eucharist
  • Prayer  of the Rosary
Periodic activities
  • Readings from spiritual masters and the lives of witnesses of faith
  • Retreats
  • Spiritual exercises at the beginning of the school year
  • Pilgrimages
  • Le Christ au Centre
Pedagogical supervision

The priest who is Director of the Boarding school is responsible for the vocational centre.  He will be seconded by a priest or seminarian in applying the principles of education.