By prayer

“Blessed Virgin Mary,
We believe that, because you are the Immaculate Mother of God,
you were taken up body and soul into heaven
at the end of your life on earth.

The Holy Trinity crowned you Queen of the Universe,
and, with all the angels and saints of Heaven, you intercede for us
pilgrims here on earth and for the souls of the dead
who are in need of purification.

Help us to orientate our life towards God who has a plan of love for each one of us,
Help us to pray, to receive the Holy Sacraments and to do good deeds
so that we may obtain real happiness here below.
Give us true faith and hope in God’s infinite love in the midst of the inevitable
and necessary  trials and tribulations of this life,
because the sufferings of this life are nothing
compared to the happiness that awaits us.